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    Looking for the best cleaners in Jersey City? Super Maids offers the best maid and house cleaning services to Jersey City. All of the cleaners that employed Cleaning Services Jersey City are trained professional cleaners with years of experience behind them. In order to provide our clients with the best cleaning experience possible and ensure your home is in good hands, we perform an extensive background check on all of our cleaners prior to their employment.
    We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your home cleaning services. While it's our goal to provide the best service from the get go, if for some reason you're not absolutely satisfied with the job our team has done, we are happy to offer a re-clean of your home as long as it is within a 3-day window of your original clean.
    If you are looking for:
    • Carpet cleaning services;
    • Deep cleaning services;
    • House cleaning services;
    • Office cleaning services;
    • Airbnb cleaning services;
    • Apartment cleaning services;
    • Dry cleaning services;
    • Professional cleaning services.
    We are the best option!
    No matter the size of your home or where you're located, we've got a cleaning package to suit everyone's needs. Whether you need a standard one-time clean for hosting a special event, a recurring clean on a set basis for all of your housekeeping needs, or a deep clean for a move-in/move-out of a home or apartment.
    • All of our cleans include the following:
    • Kitchen Cleaning;
    • Bathroom Cleaning;
    • Living Room Cleaning;
    • Bedroom Cleaning;
    • Vacuuming of Carpets;
    • Wiping of Surfaces/Counters;
    • Baseboard Dusting.
    ...and more! We also offer a variety of extra's/add-on's for an additional price. These include items such as laundry or the cleaning inside of an oven. See a full breakdown of our cleaning services and add-on's on our booking page.
    Book Your House Cleaning In Jersey City
    When you book a house cleaning with Cleaning Tribe we guarantee you complete security, transparency & convenience.
    You can easily use our online booking form to check out our house cleaning prices & rates before booking with us. No contracts and no strings attached, you can also cancel anytime you want.
    Most residential cleaning services or housekeeping companies are hard to book with. They usually never pick up the phone, or very unresponsive.
    Cleaning service Jersey City heights
    They also don’t display their prices upfront nor do they offer an easy online booking system that can be done without talking to someone.
    We cover all areas of the basic home cleaning checklist while offering additional extra services such as inside your fridge, inside oven, interior windows, inside cabinets, and more. To reward our loyal customers, we keep our prices affordable by providing recurring customer discounts while providing a top notch maid service!
    Cleaners services Jersey City
    You can choose between our two pricing models:
    • Our hourly rate which is advised for organizing, partial cleans or very customized cleaning tasks.
    • Our Flat rate model that depends on the size of your home & number of bedrooms & bathrooms which comes with our standardized cleaning checklist.
    Our process is very easy. Once you have made your home cleaning appointment, our cleaners will be there like clockwork on your scheduled date and they will work within the given time to remove all the built up grime,dust, and general tidy up & sanitize your place. Cleaning services NJ.
    Serving Jersey City Surrounding Areas
    Jersey City is the second most populous city in the U.S. state of New Jersey, after Newark. It is the seat of Hudson County as well as the county's largest city. As of 2017, the Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program calculated that Jersey City's population was 270,753, with the largest population increase of any municipality in New Jersey since 2010, an increase of about 9.4% from the 2010 United States Census, when the city's population was at 247,597. ranking the city the 75th-most-populous in the nation.
    Part of the New York metropolitan area, Jersey City is bounded on the east by the Hudson River and Upper New York Bay and on the west by the Hackensack River and Newark Bay. A port of entry, with 30.7 miles (49.4 km) of waterfront and extensive rail infrastructure and connectivity, the city is an important transportation terminus and distribution and manufacturing center for the Port of New York and New Jersey. Jersey City shares significant mass transit connections with Manhattan. Redevelopment of the Jersey City waterfront has made the city one of the largest centers of banking and finance in the United States and has led to the district being nicknamed Wall Street West.
    After a peak population of 316,714 measured in the 1930 Census, the city's population saw a half-century-long decline to a nadir of 223,533 in the 1980 Census. Since then, the city's population has rebounded, with the 2010 population reflecting an increase of 7,541 (+3%) from the 240,054 counted in the 2000 Census, which had in turn increased by 11,517 (+5.0%) from the 228,538 counted in the 1990 Census.
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    • Brooklyn
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